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What is Twisteezwire?
Twisteezwire is nontoxic, pliable, brightly-colored, plastic-coated copper wire. Use Twisteez craft wire for wire sculpture, wire jewelry, murals, braiding and MUCH more.

Made in the USA. Our wire is
Phthalate free, BPA free & RoHS compliant!

Read featured article in School Arts Magazine. Wire mural map using Twisteezwire.

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90 Ways to say I Love You!
Easter Wire Peeps.
Twisteezwire adorns Barbie
Twisteez Wire Works movie.
Twisteezwire Valentine hearts.

Wire Turtle
Wire coathangers combined with Twisteezwire
Artwork by Heidi Sacs

We recommend Twisteezwire for children 8yrs and over.

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We are a family run business. Selling Twisteezwire for over 52 years.

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